March 21, 2023

Soulmate Reversal

Dear Frankly,

Why would a man tell me (again and again) that we are soulmates, that he’s been waiting his whole life for me and that he wants to have a baby with me—and then suddenly tell me we are not right for each other and end it with no explanation? We dated for over 10 months and had, I thought, a great relationship. We never fought and no problems ever came up between us. I don’t understand. I was expecting a proposal, not a break-up! I’m devastated. What happened?

Sad and Confused

Dear Sad,

How should I know? I find it odd that he wanted to have a baby with you without first proposing. I don’t know about women of your generation. I think it was better when women were just spreading rumors.

Dear Frankly,

I am a divorced mother in my mid-forties who has not dated in a while. I’ve recently become very interested in a man whom I’ve known for approximately seven years. His two-year marriage ended about a year ago. He has gone out with several women that I know about, but tells me he isn’t seeing anyone steady. I would really appreciate it if you could give me some tips on how to become that special woman in his life.

Divorced Doubter

Dear Divorced,

Ask yourself why his marriage only lasted two years and why he hasn’t dated steadily since. Once you have your answer, if you still want to be that special woman, just walk up to him and tell him you love him, want to marry him and have him adopt your kids. That should do it.


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