January 31, 2023

Team Play

Dear Frankly,

There is a woman I like who has a boyfriend where we all work. He and I play for the company basketball team. She asked me to go out with her and I agreed. I asked her about her relationship with Jack. She said it was on again, off again and she didn’t know where it was going. I don’t really know what she wants from me. We are from different races but it doesn’t seem to matter to her. I don’t know whether she is serious. What should I do?

Befuddled Barry

Dear Befuddled,

My third husband was from another race. I’m not sure which one, but it definitely was not the human race. Beyond that, I don’t see race being an issue. You may want to give her boyfriend a heads up, unless, of course, you are team’s center.

Dear Frankly,

My boyfriend of 4 years was invited by his cousin to go to Florida. I think the cousin was planning on doing a lot of girl watching, partying and going to the beaches as he is recently divorced and very bitter towards women. He has a real chip on his shoulders and a mouth to match. My boyfriend said he is not going because he is too busy at work. I am hurt because he didn’t discuss this with me. I was never included in their plans. Am I insecure?

Anxious Annie

Dear Anxious,

I suppose if you get married, you’d like to be invited to the bachelor’s party, or at least be consulted. The mere fact that your boyfriend declined to go is the issue. Look, if you’re from a northern state, this may be his best chance to catch some flesh.


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