September 21, 2023

Younger Booty Bother

Dear Frankly,

I’m 54 and broke up a 10-year relationship with a younger man a year ago. And he now has a girlfriend (28). He’s 45. But now he has this girlfriend and it bothers me and I don’t know why. I know I have to get over him and I was OK until I found out he had someone else. Do most women do this or is something wrong with me? I should have got out a long time ago. Please tell me, Frankly, how do I go about getting along with the rest of my life?

Pausing with Men

Dear Pausing,

My fifth husband was younger than me. It was tough because he couldn’t keep his eye off older women. Seems I spoiled him on the touch of an experienced woman. You, my dear, seem to have chased him to seek younger booty.

Dear Frankly,

I have read where you should always pursue your dreams. Well, while I don’t normally remember my dreams, the other night I had the most vivid dream and woke recalling it in full. I was touring with the Beatles. I was the new drummer replacing an ailing Ringo Starr. Paul, John and George thought I was the greatest and wherever we went people were screaming. I’ve never played the drums and don’t have money to buy a set, but believe I was given a sign to pursue. What to do?

Seeing Cymbals

Dear Seeing,

Always follow your dreams. In your case, just because you can’t afford a set of drums does not mean you can’t drum. Just start banging on anything you can find. Odds are your fingers will stop blistering after a while.


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