April 16, 2024

A Bright Blue Figure Emitting a Shimmery Aura

Q: My friend and I were walking on a Canadian shoreline. It was a bright night with all the stars shining and the moon was well lit. We turned toward the sea and saw a blue figure, very tall – about 7 feet – walking through the trees. It made no sound. It was a bright blue and glowing figure, emitting a shimmery aura. My friend and I both became very frightened. It walked away and out of our vision; we didn’t dare follow it. We ran to the people at a campfire, screaming and describing what we saw. One of them claimed he was watching it and was as frightened as I was. What could we have seen?

A: I don’t have a clue. I’m still struggling with a bright night with all the stars shining and a well-lit moon. Canada must have a different moon than we do.


Q: The crop formation-extraterrestrial association persists to this day. Mysterious lights and flying saucers have been reported over fields just prior to or just after some crop formations have been discovered. If aliens are responsible, this method of communication is ineffective: we still don’t know what they’re trying to tell us or why they’re using crop fields. Unless… they really are navigation signposts for some diabolical purpose. Some think it could even be a plasma vortex energy. What do you think?

A: My guess is that very short people with big snowshoes have found a way to get back at everyone who adores the Wizard of Oz.


Q: According to the prophet, Ruth Montgomery, in the near future, Virginia Beach will strangely survive the earth’s major climate shift, as most other seaside resorts disappear. Whole areas of the eastern and western United States will be deluged. Hawaii slides into the sea. Those who want to remain in the physical body will be thinking of moving to inland areas before the shift. Civilization will diminish as the earth changes wipe out or render useless hydroelectric plants, housing developments, office buildings, skyscrapers, dams, refineries, telephone lines, dock facilities and more. What will be left?

A: Roaches, ants, mosquitos, jellyfish, extraterrestrials, suburbia, apparently Virginia Beach, and the television series “Law & Order.”


Q: A friend claims she can affect the property of inanimate objects with her mind. Do you know anything about spoon bending, telepathically moving objects or mind over matter?

A: I often see objects moving on their own. Usually, tequila is involved.


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