April 21, 2024

Are We the Only Planet with Intelligent Life?

Q: I was wondering where you stand concerning UFOs. While many have claimed to have had a close encounter, even a probing, the videos are still indiscernible and not definitive proof of existence. On the other hand, as Tom Cruise stated, wouldn’t it be arrogant to assume we are the only planet with intelligent life on it?

A: It’s funny how, with the technological advancements we’ve made and vast the number of individuals who own sophisticated cameras, there has been a decrease in the number of recorded sightings. It’s easier to alter tape than digital recordings. This tends to leave me to believe that even if there is intelligent life out there, it’s staying out there. As for Tom Cruise, I think he may enjoy a little therapy and perhaps consider taking mind altering drugs.


Q: I read about a bizarre UFO sighting in Mexico in 2000. It was a dark, solid object which was almost static in the sky, spinning slowly on its axis…featuring what looked to be a human form with “arms” and “legs” perfectly visible giving the impression that “he” or “it” was floating freely in the air. Have there been other recorded sightings of flying humanoids you are aware of?

A: Yep! My brother-in-law arrived home after a late night of gambling and my sister went ballistic. He was last seen heading for the moon. Come to think of it, that was some time in 2000.


Q: I heard about a book, “Hair of the Alien,” where the author makes the inference that some human diseases, including AIDS, may be related to contact with extraterrestrials. My friends say this is nonsense, but I’m not so sure. Can you shed any light on the subject?

A: Not really. I’m still wondering why my gums get inflamed if I don’t floss.


Q: I have been told that the discovery of footprints in the Valsequillo Basin by a British-led team provides new evidence that humans settled in the Americas as early as 40,000 years ago, suggesting that there were several migration waves at different times by different groups. They supposedly found a size 8 footprint. Could this evidence of the real first Americans?

A: Sure. The size of the print is puzzling. Say it’s a man’s size 8 but belongs to a woman, making it a 10. Buying shoes would have been impossible.


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