February 27, 2024

Books and Other Gift Shop Goods Moving on Their Own

Q: A book hit a woman in the back, a 10 by 10 inch hardback titled “The Confederate Navy: The Ships, Men and Organization 1861-1865.” Books aren’t the only gift shop goods moving on their own: On the front counter, key rings, pins and whistles hang upon a square, black spindle. Workers say sometimes it spins without anyone touching it, and the motion is not spurred by a fan or air conditioner. Bruce Smith, the Port Columbus National Civil War Naval Museum’s executive director, would not go so far as to say the place is haunted. If it isn’t haunted, what could cause these phenomena?

A: The museum is in Georgia, home to Jekyll Island. Hello!


Q: A friend said the best way to become psychic is the use of music, binaural beats. Basically, this type of music changes your consciousness very fast. You will almost feel zen-like when you experience this type of transcendence. People wonder how to become psychic and I always tell them that the use of music and meditation is your quickest way to total fulfillment. Have you heard of anyone becoming psychic through music?

A: Sort of. I kinda remember seeing things that weren’t there when listening to Led Zeppelin a lot. Not sure if they’re known for binaural beats.


Q: A report sent in to paranormal websites recently is not of a Bigfoot in a UFO, but flying independently, on some sort of scooter like vehicle, accompanied by a video of a humanoid flying through the air over Mexico City. Is it possible that these creatures possess some extraterrestrial material or powers that enable them to fly?

A: Like Kryptonite? Or do they will themselves to defy gravity? Maybe it’s a sophisticated skateboard. The video looked like a bug on a shaky lens.


Q: Do we have an obligation to assist ghosts in their transition to ‘the other side’? The question is based on a series of assumptions: 1. Ghosts are the consciousness of deceased humans and certain ghosts are ‘stuck’ in the material realm. 2. Some ghosts may be unaware they are ghosts and/or they are unable to ‘move on.’ 3. There is something beyond the material realm and getting there is necessary to complete the spiritual evolution of these free-floating ‘minds’ called ghosts. 4. Being knowledgeable of the condition of their existence–and theoretically having the tools to assist them in their spiritual evolution–should render this assistance.

A: I don’t know. I’ve always been told to let bygones be bygones.


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