February 25, 2024

Mom’s Urn Stirring Up Trouble

Q: My mom was not the nicest person in the world and upset a few people while she was alive. Now that she has passed, I have brought her ashes into my home in a lovely urn. I’m wondering if can I should keep my mother’s ashes in my new home if my mother had such strong negative energy, because ever since I brought my mothers ashes in my house weird stuff has been happening. Can negative people leave their essence behind in ashes?

A: I hope not. My friend has the ashes of her dog that bit everybody and is chummy with a lot of mail carriers.

Q: I heard about someone who had been waking up in the middle of the night and seeing different things like a big, white, wavy piece of cloth/paper with a lot black characters on it; a big, black, angular object engraved with white character/symbols; different small green glowing and red glowing orbs that orbit in different patterns; a red glowing iris/eye looking at them with (what they think) was also a green one next to it. Are they hallucinating or are they having unexplained paranormal visions?

A: Might not be much difference between the two. But my guess is, from your descriptions, that they are sleep-driving in a foreign country.

Q: I read where there was an owl outside some person’s window hooting for like an hour. I’ve also read some superstitions, like if it hoots more than three times you will be haunted and will be sick for the rest of your life and that constant hooting near your house also foretells death or bad luck. Are you familiar with any details of owl hauntings or misfortunes?

A: I bet you thought I was going to say, “Who gives a hoot?” But that would not be nice. I’ll just tell you that superstition was created by bird brains.

Q: I recently visited Haiti. I found there wasn’t much I could do, as I am not a doctor. So, I thought maybe I should just go shopping and spend some money and help the vendors. I was bemused by this diminutive, older woman with dark, wrinkly skin who was selling voodoo dolls out of a tattered bag made from rug remnants. She sold me a doll that was supposed to be the effigy of my next true love. It came with a scribbled note of instructions in French. I took the doll back to the states, had a friend translate the note and followed the words to the letter. I think I messed up somehow, because the new love in my life isn’t working out. What do I do now?

A: Pin a note on the doll, give it to your lover and say “au revoir.”


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