April 25, 2024

Ghosts of Former U.S. Presidents and Others

Q: 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C. is not only home to the current President of the United States, it is also home to several former Presidents who occasionally decide to make their presences known there, despite the fact that they are dead. President Harrison is said to be heard rummaging around in the attic of the White House, while Andrew Jackson is thought to haunt his White House bedroom. The most frequently sighted presidential ghost has been that of Abraham Lincoln. Any thoughts?

A: I have plenty of thoughts, just none on ghosts of former U.S. presidents.


Q: I read the hauntings at The Stanley Hotel, the famous 138-guest room hotel in the Colorado Rockies that is probably best known as the inspiration for Stephen King’s book “The Shining,” which he wrote after staying at The Stanley, in room 217. Several apparitions and spooky phenomena have been reported throughout the years, including the sighting of the ghost of Freelan Stanley, the original owner and inventor of the Stanley Steamer. Is he any relation to the editor of The Excentric World?

A: According to our editor, no, there is no relation, although he and his wife did visit the resort on a Colorado trip years ago. For interested parties, our editor also claims he is no relation to Frederick Stanley, the tool guy or Paul Stanley from Kiss.


Q: I found a story where some guy claimed to awake to find a missed call alert left on his cell phone. What makes this out of the norm is that the notation was dated March 10, 1980. Curiously the story did not say anything about the phone number the call came from. Could this guy have gotten a call from the past?

A: I doubt it. But I can just hear the operator asking someone to deposit another quarter in the pay phone to continue the call.


Q: Authorities in northwestern Connecticut say they didn’t find anything after a state trooper and another person reported a large object falling out of the sky in Litchfield. A report was made that a person driving in Litchfield saw a green, glowing object the size of a whale fall from the sky and crash into Bantam Lake. At about the same time, a state trooper 10 miles away in Warren called dispatchers to report that something fell out of the sky and landed near Bantam or Morris. Any ideas on this one?

A: Yes. There are no green whales. So, it had to be something else.


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