January 31, 2023

In Search of a Dangerous Dragon-Like Monster

Q: A team of British cryptozoologists have released a film documenting their expedition into the swamps and jungles of West Africa in search of a dangerous dragon-like monster known as the Ninki Nanka. The team spoke to many people who claimed their relatives or friends had seen the dragon, and had subsequently died. One man, who claimed to have seen the beast himself, described it as a monstrously huge snake with a horse like head, and a crest. He believed that only a herbal potion from a holy man saved him from the Ninki Nankas’ curse. Have you heard of this Ninki Nanka?

A: I’ve heard of nick knacks, patty whacks, hanky panky and I’ve even heard of donkey kong. But I’ve never heard of Ninki Nanka.


Q: I read about a man who had a hole in his heart from birth. He stubbed his toe and later had a blood clot. The blood clot traveled through the hole into his brain and led to him having a stroke. He was left unable to speak and without feeling down his right side. He had the hole in his heart repaired and, with the help of a physiotherapist, regained movement, but had to relearn his speech. The Englishman now speaks with a French accent. Are there other cases of people’s speech patterns changing after a stroke?

A: Yes. I have a friend from Massachusetts who recovered from a stroke and began speaking with a Southern accent. His family abandoned him.


Q: Up to a half million pilgrims flooded the town of Fatima in central Portugal recently to attend the 90th anniversary of the Virgin Mary’s supposed apparition to three shepherd children. Among the faithful from 26 countries were some 30,000 who had covered hundreds of kilometers on foot, and many were in a state of exhaustion. The shrine now attracts millions of people every year. Many believers visiting the site traditionally ask the Virgin Mary for favors or assistance. Any shrines like this in America?

A: El Nino, New Mexico, according to the film, “Picking Up the Pieces.”


Q: Farmers in Europe have evidence of a giant rabbit ravaging their crops. “This is no ordinary rabbit. We are dealing with a monster,” said one farmer. “It is absolutely massive. I have seen its prints and they are huge, bigger than a deer. It is a brute of a thing.” Could this be Bigfoot?

A: I don’t think so. It sounds like one big, bad ass rabbit to me.


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