November 29, 2023

Ghostly Things

Q: Some people claim to have seen their dead relatives standing at the foot of their beds late at night. Are they really communicating with the ones crossed over or do you think perhaps they are just dreaming?

A: It’s all a dream. You wouldn’t truly recognize anyone due to the fact that people’s images change when they are astral and, therefore, all humans look alike. Some people feel this is ethereal bigotry, but it is true. All ghosts look alike.

Q: I recently went to a website that showed pictures of what people thought were ghosts or unexplainable sources of paranormal energy caught on film. Some of them were streaks of light coming from humans, others were spots resembling silky smoke and still others were blurry, opaque blobs. Is it possible these are ghosts who were just hanging around during the shots?

A: Anything’s possible. Apparitions are known to be real camera hounds. But my best guess is that most of these people are really lousy photographers with bad cameras, dirty lenses or old film.

Q: I contacted a person who claimed they could induce healing over the phone for $50. After about five minutes of following their instruction, I must admit, I felt better. Was it my imagination or could it really work?

A: I need to know what instructions they gave. I know people who, for less than $50, will instruct you on the phone to do things that will definitely make you feel better. I just don’t think they can cure what ails you.

Q: A friend of mine who works at a nursing home says animals may have supernatural senses. A tiger cat named Sissy Cat seems to know when a patient is near death. Sissy has sensed death with many patients. When a person is terminally ill and actively dying that psychic cat will plant herself in the person’s room and stay until the patient’s death. Have you heard of such a thing before?

A: Many times. I’m just not convinced that a cat who hangs out around dying people in a nursing home is really forecasting their imminent death.


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