November 29, 2023

Luminous Objects in the Dominican Republic

Q: While in a private plane flying from Puerto Plata to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, I took pictures from the co-pilot seat of objects in our flight path about 8 miles from the nose of the aircraft. The visibility was clear at about 4500 ft. at 9:30 am. The objects are extremely luminous. The lower set of lights are twin diamonds or squares, symmetrical and unnatural. The upper set of lights are almost amorphous. Since they were not stars, planes, clouds, lightning, or natural phenomenon. What could they be?

A: Let me guess, when you got closer, they vanished. At least, you were only the co-pilot. I believe 9:30 am is way too early to be drinking.


Q: About ten years ago, some 15 children disappeared in El Yunque, in Puerto Rico, while on a school trip. The teacher responsible for the kids committed suicide because the students were never found. A search team from the U.S., sent to the mountain to try and find the missing youths, ran into a short humanoid creature wandering around the bushes. As soon as the creature realized it had been seen, it ran and disappeared. The search was fruitless. No trace of the creature or of the missing children was ever found. Many others have disappeared over the years from the same location. Could aliens have abducted them without a trace?

A: I have no idea, but I would recommend staying out of that area.


Q: The Arlington Institute, a non-profit think tank specializing in predictive modeling of future events, hopes to utilize paranormal powers to provide an early warning of impending disasters or other critical events, such as acts of terrorism. The ability to image fragments of the future (particularly in dreams) seems to appear both generally in broad populations of people and specifically and more accurately in special individuals. Do you think a psychic hotline could be set up to warn us of possible devastation?

A: I don’t know. I can’t get my tarot reader to agree with my clairvoyant.


Q: Starlings can tell if you are watching them, according to a study that has shown that starlings respond to a human’s gaze. Starlings will keep away from their food dish if a human is looking at it. However, if the person is just as close, but their eyes are turned away, the birds resumed feeding earlier and consumed more food overall. Do any other birds do this?

A: I don’t know. But my cat won’t poop with a human in the same room.


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