July 4, 2022

Out of Body Experience

Q: In 1990, I was working at a Denny’s restaurant in Seattle, Washington. I was holding an empty bus tub, when all of a sudden, my feet started to feel a tingly sensation, like they were becoming numb–a falling asleep sensation that went up my entire body. Then my ears started to ring, then I felt I could not move. I tried, but I could not. Then I saw thousands of tiny silvery things floating around in front of me, then total blackness. Within seconds I had an Out Of Body Experience (OBE). I floated for a few seconds and then, just like that, came back into my original self. Any other stories like this?

A: Yes. Many people working at Denny’s seem to fall asleep while working there.┬áIt seems to happen at least every time I have attempted to eat there.


Q: In the summer of 1995, I witnessed a strange animal chasing a small dear in Kenilworth Common (Warwickshire, UK). Kenilworth Common is a wooded area in Warwickshire connected to vast, rural network in the Midlands by fields, forest, farm land and a disabled railway track. The animal giving chase resembled reports of El Chupacabra. It didn’t have the large, alien like eyes given in accounts of this mysterious creature of myth, but instead, small, black and lifeless. Large, needle like teeth were apparent, filling its mouth and it had what appeared to be spines of some sort covering the length of its back. Was it possibly El Chupacabra we saw?

A: Don’t know. If it was, it would be a clear immigration violation.


Q: A pub owner called in the services of a vicar after claims ghosts were frightening her staff and customers. Julie Edwards, who runs the Thirsty Scholar in Wrexham, North Wales said she contacted her vicar after paranormal occurrences in the town center pub. The Reverend Ron Evans carried out blessings at the pub which is believed to have once been used as a mortuary. Bizarre behavior, including objects flying across rooms, have been witnessed by staff and customers. Can a vicar bless away ghosts?

A: I found most ghosts responded to the pub blessing, “Last Call!”


Q: A woman reported extraterrestrials stole her husband. He was gone all night. He returned sweaty and disheveled. They even stole his wedding ring. Has anyone else had a similar experience?

A: Only one. Weird thing is his ring turned up at a nearby hotel. What luck!



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