February 27, 2024

Photographic and Audio Evidence of Paranormal Activity

Q: I heard a company called the Mid South Ghost Hunters have set up a continuously streaming web cam on the second floor of the Quetzal Internet Cafe in Memphis, Tennessee. We have investigated this site twice with positive results and have obtained photographic and audio evidence of paranormal activity. Do you agree they have captured the proof ghosts exist?

A: I went to the webcam site. There was a vacant room with bare walls–no coffee, no furniture, no Internet and no ghosts. Not much of a cafe.


Q: Government scientists say the next sunspot cycle will be 30-percent to 50-percent stronger than the last one. The unprecedented forecast was made using a computer model of solar dynamics developed by scientists at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, CO. Scientists predict the next cycle, known as Cycle 24, will produce sunspots across an area slightly larger than 2.5 percent of the visible surface of the sun. The cycle is projected to reach its peak in 2012. Will this affect Sedona?

A: Definitely! Everyone here could spontaneously combust. People should leave Sedona now. Don’t hesitate. Don’t look back. Leave your belongings. Don’t ever come back. Tell everyone you see.


Q: Bruce Schildt, who lives near Blackfeet country in Montana took his kids up Cut Bank Creek to play. On their way home, near Grandpa’s Lake they found a footprint, and they went back, took pictures and gave them to Fish and Wildlife. Schildt’s kids had discovered a line of 30 or 40 inch large tracks in the snow. “The footprints looked like barefoot human footprints, but they were about three times as big,” said Schildt. “They were frozen in the mud up there.” Does this convince you that Bigfoot is real?

A: No, but it is evidence of one big Indian, probably a basketball player.


Q: According to a recent study, north European women evolved blonde hair and blue eyes at the end of the Ice Age to make them stand out from their rivals at a time of fierce competition for scarce males. Men were hunters and often died in search for food, causing the make population to dwindle. So, women evolved to make themselves more attractive. Is this possible?

A: I don’t know. I did read somewhere that the first blonde cavewoman’s remains were discovered near Russia. They named her Miss Clairol.


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