April 17, 2024

Reports on Hospitality Hauntings

Q: I live in Louisiana. Recently, I have read where some of our state’s bed and breakfasts are haunted. As if we haven’t had our fair share of disturbing news in the past few years, I am left to wonder if now our tourist industry may suffer from this latest tidbit. Any reports on hospitality hauntings?

A: Near Sedona, in Jerome, there is the Jerome Grand Hotel. While not a bed and breakfast, it is haunted. Business is booming. Perhaps their ghosts help bring in visitors. Rumor is many of the apparitions are prostitutes.


Q: On a stretch of road somewhere in England, young people are driving at dangerously high speeds to conjure the spirit of a 20-year-old motorcyclist killed in a crash with a speeding driver in the area. It’s alleged that if you drive at speed in a manner dangerous, a bright white light comes in behind you and that’s what they are calling the Lemon Tree Passage ghost. Some drivers have reached speeds of 180 kph. Any motorists on your side of the pond chasing ghosts with their vehicles?

A: Not that I’m aware of. However, 180 kph converts to roughly 111 mph. Some drivers in America go that speed just to get home from work.


Q: One of the most bizarre of all the many and varied strange beings that haunts the lore of Texas is that which became known, albeit briefly before it vanished into overwhelming obscurity, as the Houston Batman. The quintessential encounter, as reported within the pages of the Houston Chronicle newspaper at the time in question, took place during the early morning hours of June 18, 1953. Employees at Houston’s Bellaire Theater claimed to have seen a gigantic, helmeted man, crouched down and attempting to hide on the roof of a downtown building one night during the 1990s. Did you know about the Houston Batman?

A: No. I have always believed that Batman lived in Gotham City.


Q: In an exclusive interview with STV, Ron Halliday, 60-year-old retired assistant registrar at Stirling University and UFO expert, said: “I think Scotland is like a world hot spot. All the UFO sightings. All the ghost sightings. All the monster sightings. Poltergeists. “There is just so much that goes on in Scotland, it is absolutely incredible. It is very hard to explain why Scotland has all these reported incidents.” Why do you think Scotland would be the world’s hot spot for paranormal activity?

A: I’m confused. Apparently haggis is less disgusting than I believed.


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