April 25, 2024

Strange Aircraft in Texas

Q: I read an article about booms heard around the country in December. Now there is a claim that a disc-shaped object landed in a remote area of La Salle County in Texas the first week of January. I wonder what the possibilities are that some strange aircraft from parts unknown buzzed the country and landed near this oil rich area of Texas, maybe to refuel or something. Could it be we finally have proof of visitors or that our aerospace engineers have figured our supersonic travel?

A: Wow, you must have read last month’s Excentric. I just hope whoever or whatever it is on that aircraft, they bring back Twinkies.

Q: There have been reports from coaches and players from the Phoenix Suns basketball team of paranormal activity at hotels when visiting cities of opponents, namely¬† in Oklahoma. Supposedly, water was turned on by ghosts, doors were closed by apparitions and bathtubs were filled by poltergeists. Since Jennifer Love Hewitt’s character in Ghost Whisperer declared that people can’t be haunted, only places can be haunted, could the host team have possibly put their opponents up in a knowingly haunted hotel purposely to rattle them?

A: I don’t know. Too bad the Arizona Cardinals’ offensive front line can’t claim ghosts spooked them into forgetting how to block. Whatever happened to Ms. Hewitt? She is one paranormal hotty.

Q: A friend of mine related a story to me about a woman who used to rummage through dump yards looking for broken glass to recycle for art projects. The woman was a bit eccentric, but of sound mind. According to my friend, this woman was at a local dump in Virginia one night when she noticed a number of holes that seemed to be created by a huge snake or worm or mole or something. There was a terrible smell that seemed to emanate from the holes. Could some dump ghost have caused the holes?

A: Nope. I know this one. It’s methane gas. The buried junk creates methane, farting its way to the top. The smell is sulfur. Check out Mt. Trashmore.

Q: I heard that Bigfoot sightings are on the rise, especially in America’s northwest. Canada is also reporting an increase in Sasquatch sightings. Could the increase in sightings be because of the colder weather and global warming trends?

A: Could be. It may also be those areas report greater marijuana usage.

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