March 21, 2023

Stuff Disappears and Reappears in the Strangest Places

Q: We had just moved in to our new house. We had only been here two months and it was Christmastime. I had bought my brother a Christmas gift and I was showing it to my husband, then I put it back in my closet with the rest of our Christmas shopping. Then we never saw it again. This sort of thing has been happening to us for the whole year that we have been here. Stuff disappears and reappears in the strangest places, only to have something else vanish instead. Can spirits actually play tricks like this?

A: Possibly. Husbands also like to play tricks, especially regarding in laws. Perhaps the timing of the holidays means increased eggnog consumption.


Q: Some time ago I was distracted for a second, at which point my daughter fell to the floor bumping her head. I witnessed the fall, but was too late to react. After picking her up and checking her forehead for injury, I determined she was fine, no marks of any kind. At that point, her twin brother started to cry. When I turned around, I found a huge lump on his forehead. I was dumbfounded, and to this day, I can think of no explanation for this occurrence. Has anyone had a similar twin experience?

A: I know a couple of twins that claim every time one of them makes love, the other reaches climax, which proved quite embarrassing for one of them while attending midnight mass.


Q: I was walking my dog in the woods near my home in Roswell, NM when I turned around and freaked out, as I saw the scariest thing ever. It was like a small white human, bald, black eyes all the way. He had claws on both his hands and feet, and had ears like an elf’s. It was standing on two legs. But then it screamed, spread its wings like those of bats, and flew over my head. I will never forget it. Did I just see a monster?

A: Yes or former Vice President Dick Cheney on a lawyer hunting expedition.


Q: I was waiting at a bus stop in Needles, CA late one night, hoping to finally leave this place. As the bus to Phoenix came to a stop, I watched the door open and waited to see if anyone was getting off. I didn’t see anyone, but felt a cold presence walk by me as I was boarding. Could it be I experienced a close encounter with the spirit world?

A: Nope. I can’t think of any ghost who would get off in Needles.


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