February 27, 2024

The Life of People Stricken with Capgras’ Syndrome

Q: Imagine, if you will, that one by one your friends and family (the people closest to you) are being removed and replaced with exact duplicates. Although they are identical in appearance and manner, you are certain that these people are not your loved ones. While most people would become deeply paranoid in such a scenario, there are some individuals who experience such things every day without fear… and just wonder, why? Such is the life of people stricken with Capgras’ Syndrome. Are you faliliar with this?

A: Of course. But then, how do I know you are who you say you are?


Q: A large block of ice plummeted from the Florida heavens, wrecking a Ford Mustang parked on a neighborhood street and triggering theories on its origin from across the country. Readers fascinated by the 18 inch frozen chunk that smashed into Andres Javage’s car Jan. 28 have suggested investigators not overlook the UFO angle and check whether there might be a connection with China blowing up a satellite. What do you think?

A: I think Mr. Javage might have spent one too many nights out with the boys and Mrs. Javage decided to chill the situation from the rooftop.


Q: Scientists have taken blood samples from 93 people living in and around Liqian, a settlement in Northwestern China on the fringes of the Gobi Desert, more than 200 miles from the nearest city. They are seeking an explanation for the unusual number of local people with Western characteristics: green eyes, big noses, and even blonde hair mixed with traditional Chinese features. Could it be their ancestors are from an ancient Roman phalanx of mercenaries, lost and left to wander aimlessly?

A: I guess. Or maybe they are the descendants of an ancient mailman or pool boy and some desperate housewives.


Q: According to the former Saturday Night Live star, Dan Aykroyd, and his group of filmmakers have come into possession of exclusive O’Hare Airport UFO photographs and video footage. Not only will they be exposing new photographs of the O’Hare Airport UFO, but exclusive video footage as well. He made that announcement recently during a promotion of his new line of Patron tequilas. Does this ghost buster have proof that aliens exist?

A: It’s possible. As long as it’s not 80 proof, served with salt and a lime.


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