April 17, 2024

The Madness of Lady MacBeth in Flagstaff

Q: Tales of ghostly apparitions, witches, and the madness of Lady MacBeth from Shakespearian plays (such as MacBeth) may not be the only ghosts lingering in the darkness of the Doris Harper-White Playhouse in Flagstaff, Arizona. This place had been haunted since before it was a theater. When it was the library, lights and thermostats were mysteriously tampered with and a strange chill could be felt in the spooky basement. Now cast members have detected strange presences. Might the building be haunted?

A: The ghosts stories seem real enough to me, but can they act?


Q: Psychic advice should be treated with caution, according to a research psychologist specializing in the paranormal. “Psychics make money from telling people what they want to hear,” he says. “They have the edge over more ‘traditional’ counselors because they hold the assurance of a solution and a vision of a promised future. “In situations where you’re emotionally vulnerable, they can seem like the perfect solution. I wouldn’t recommend relying on them to make life-changing decisions. If you take their suggestions as truth, their advice can be detrimental.” Didn’t President Ronald Reagan use an astrologer as a guide for making national decisions?

A: Yep, Joan Quigley and Joyce Jillison. But then, he was Presbyterian.


Q: With the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico threatening land along the Florida Everglades and points northeast, some biologists fear that the traditional mating season of Bigfoot might be adversely affected. An RV park owner and Bigfoot expert in Ochopee, FL, warns nearby campers not to prance about in their lingerie, as it is a natural attraction to young cryptoids. Do you think the oil spill could force Bigfoot into the open?

A: I’m not sure. According to the expert you quoted, we could have just sent a few Victoria’s Secret models to the Everglades to arouse Sasquatch. Then again, perhaps they would prefer Lane Bryant.


Q: I read where 500,000 people attended a Mass celebrated by Pope Benedict XVI at the Fatima shrine on May 13, the feast of Our Lady of Fatima. “I too have come as a pilgrim to Fatima,” the Pope said. He referred to the place “from which Mary chose to speak to us in modern times. We would be mistaken to think that Fatima’s prophetic mission is complete,” the Holy Father told the congregation. Has Mary spoken since the 1917 visit?

A: Not that I know of. If she spoke to kids today it would be a text message.


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