April 25, 2024

UFOs Seen Hovering Above Illawong Beach

Q: I heard about an Australian, Donna Weller, who told The Daily Mercury newspaper that she had seen a UFO hovering above Illawong Beach following her along the Bruce Highway to Rockhampton. “There were three of them,” she said. “One behind the car and two to the side. It was unbelievable.” I’m a bit scared to tell you the truth. Donna captured video footage of the unidentified tailgaters. Do you believe this encounter happened?

A: I’ve yet to see the video, reserving opinion. However, Aussies are well known for their humor and beer consumption, especially the women.


Q: A woman was charged with smuggling after federal security screeners found a human skull in her luggage at Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport. The woman, an American citizen, had flown from Cap Haitien, Haiti. Her bag was being searched at the U.S. Customs counter when the skull “complete with teeth and hair” was discovered in her luggage. She claims it was to ward off evil spirits. Do you buy that?

A: Not really. It would seem that her voodoo power was all in her head.


Q: Every few months or so, a female Parisian motorist submits a claim for damage to a vehicle with a wild story about hitting a kangaroo deep in the ancient forest of Rambouillet, France. They have bred in the wild there for about 30 years, having escaped long ago from the local wildlife park. And despite a long period of expatriate life, they have evidently not yet learned to look before they cross French roads. Any thoughts on this wild tale?

A: I’ve yet to see the video, reserving opinion. However, Parisians are well known for their humor and wine consumption, especially the women.


Q: Alice in Wonderland Syndrome, also called micropsia, is a condition that distorts visual perception so that objects that are close appear disproportionately tiny. It owes its name to Lewis Carroll’s fictional protagonist, Alice, who perceived things as tiny after taking magical medicines. Usually temporary in nature, the syndrome is associated with migraines. Carroll is known to have suffered migraines, so perhaps he was describing his own experiences. Have you heard of this interesting theory?

A: I’m so glad you brought this to my attention. It would explain something I have appearing much smaller than it actually is.


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