April 16, 2024

Your Dreams Can Guide Your Life

Q: Most of us are unaware that dreams are telling us about the future. Only a handful of us are encouraged and coached with the skills to dream true. Most of us are only aware that we dream the future when frightened by a dream of death or tragedy that happened in real life. Being prompted by our dreams of what might be happening in our real life, we can most probably alter the probability of the tragedy by actions that we can take. Do you believe your dreams can show you things and guide your life?

A: Yes. Living in central Arizona and experiencing a marked change in climate in recent years, my dreams that Americans have gotten so fat that we tilted the earth slightly toward the equator seems to have been prophetic.


Q: Plants have never been given their due in the order of things; they’ve usually been dismissed as mere vegetables. But there’s a growing body of research showing that plants have a lot to contribute in fields as disparate as robotics and telecommunications. “Plants communicate via chemical substances,” noted biologist Stefano Mancuso says. “They have a specific and fairly extensive vocabulary to convey alarms, health and a host of other things.” Could plants actually be an intelligent life form?

A: Of course. Most humans couldn’t seriously be considered intelligent. When compared to some plants, there’s little difference.


Q: Under fire for its sluggish processing of files from President Clinton’s White House, the National Archives released files and photographs responding to 14 Freedom of Information Act requests from members of the public. The records appear unlikely to contain any political bombshells, though there could be fodder for the tabloids. Any thoughts?

A: The delay could explain the true terrestrial identity of Hillary Clinton.


Q: I recently heard about a black and white movie of a 1954 meeting between President Eisenhower and human ET’s. They said that they were willing to give mankind technology to cure disease and cheap non-polluting energy technology if they would make concessions in regards to warfare and other things, but Eisenhower said the government was not ready for that and that cheap energy technology would severely disrupt the economy. Could this explain our current energy, war and climate situation?

A: Absolutely. It seems they also came down and chatted with the rest of the presidents since then.


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