July 6, 2022

New Automobile Recalls

Excentric World staff members look at new automobile recalls. On the heels of the massive recalls by Toyota to replace or repair sticking accelerators and failing brakes, Crapper Coupes has recalled its number two seller due to the gas tank handle having to be jiggled to prevent waste.     Related posts: Bogus Automobile Insurance Claims Why You Should Vote . . . Dirty Children Make Healthy Adults? Safety on America’s Highways

Safety on America’s Highways

Excentric World staff members look at the safety on America’s highways. Many states have rescinded annual state inspections requiring cars be safe before being allowed on state roads. Some say the revenue would bail out most states while making the roads safer. Mirrors may have helped this driver. Related posts: Accessories for the Designated Driver Efforts to Save on Rising Fuel Costs Economical Ways of Going Green The Current State of America’s Economy