November 29, 2023

Are Men Really Listening? Probably Not!

While some men certainly have come a long way in the area of women’s issues, there evidently is still a lot of room for improvement.

Take this refrigerator door posting as an example. After his wife had awakened early to get the children off to school after feeding them breakfast and preparing their lunches, she kissed him goodbye, handing him his coffee and newspaper as she headed off to her full-time job. Then the home phone rang. His wife had given her doctor’s office their home phone number to avoid a call while at work on her cell phone. After all, she is a professional. She had also listed her husband as someone who could receive private, medical information.

Proudly, he announced he was indeed the husband of the woman the health clinic had called. Not wanting to get the message wrong, as he had done so many time before, he takes out their refrigerator magnet message board he had gotten as a birthday present about ten years ago.

Evidently, people would call his wife or his daughter when they were away and they would leave messages that were never relayed, hence the need for the refrigerator oversized white board. The messages were so poorly penned that his wife and daughter had to act out a game of charades to draw out the meaning behind the scribbled words and figures.

But the penmanship is at least legible. So, when his wife complained she couldn’t read the previous fifty or so messages, he had left on the front of the fridge, apparently her husband was listening. Judging by the content of this message, the woman is married to an extremely conservative politician.


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