April 25, 2024

About Excentric World

ExcentricWorld.com is the brain-child of Thom Stanley. Thom enlisted the expertise of Omboo Online Marketing to construct a site to expand the monthly offerings of the Sedona Excentric and offer readers the nationally expanded scribblings of Thom and his cadre of writers.

The Sedona Excentric has been being published in hard copy since 1989 and available online since 1996. Through his satirical wit and slanted way of observing the world, Thom has been bringing tears of joy to millions of readers. Tired of the definition of “news” by publishers and producers, Thom wanted to give businesses an opportunity to advertise their product in a reader-friendly format.

By using satire, he is able to both educate and entertain. He is often heard saying, “Our paper has been lying since its inception. While other papers lie and deny it, we not only admit to it, we boast about it.”

Now, more than ever, it seems people are in need of a good laugh, not at someone else’s expense, but with a simple twist of exaggerated truth. So, if you’re looking to get your exercise by laughing so hard your stomach will ache (all-the-while exercising your mind), you have come to the right place.

Be sure to come back over and over again, where you can laugh at the world out loud, reading outrageous stories made funny without using the “F” word.

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