April 17, 2024

Inequality Between The Sexes

Excentric World staff members take a look at the continual inequality between the sexes. Ladies Night continues to bring in the women who are let into nightclubs free of charge and offered drink specials at bars. Knowing that where the women are, men will follow, owners of drinking establishments continue to entice women with special rates not offered to men.

Most men rarely complain about the unequal treatment because they realize that the greater number of women in attendance correspondingly increases their chances of getting lucky. The only women, besides Gloria Steinem styled feminists, who consider the bait bars and nightclubs¬†exploitative¬†are those who are too young for cruise ship dating and too old to attend a kegger. The only men who complain are the ones who can’t afford the cover charge. Now lawyers have entered the fray by posting the complaint that forces one to ponder whether it is fair to allow a lesbian in a straight bar or nightclub for free, but charge a gay man. What a complicated world we live in. It’s enough to make one celibate. Well, maybe it’s not that complicated.


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