November 29, 2023

Not Quite 12 Inches

INCH OFF NEWS: Subway restaurants lit up the social network after a teenager measured his “footlong” sandwich and found it an inch short. Photos of measured sandwiches attracted hundreds of thousands of comments when posted on Subway’s Facebook fan page. Subway reps said “Subway Footlong” was a registered trademark “as a descriptive name for the sub sold in Subway restaurants and not intended to be a measurement of length.” The original claim of 12 inches most likely came from a man.

BANG, BANG NEWS: Guns and shell casings seized by Newark, NJ Police are being melted into bracelets. A portion of proceeds from each sale goes to fund gun buy-back amnesty programs. Jewelry for a Cause worked with Newark Mayor Cory Booker and the city police chief to design the “Caliber Collection.” It features steel bangles and cuffs, each engraved with the serial number of the illegal gun it was fashioned from. Brass pieces are made from casings swept from crime scenes in the city. They could engrave the slogan, “Guns don’t love people. People love people.”

TAGGING NEWS: A British professor, specializing in cities and urban life has been convicted of damaging luxury cars with graffiti that was surprisingly polite. The man used a screwdriver to scrawl inoffensive words such as “very   silly,”  “really  wrong” and “arbitrary” into the paintwork of vehicles including a Mercedes, an Audi, and a Volvo. The Volkswagen and Smart Car parked among them were left untouched.

MOP & GLOWING NEWS: Ohio police said a woman dubbed “the cleaning fairy” by local media after breaking into a home and cleaned it without permission, was arrested after police found her shoveling snow from a driveway without the owner’s consent. She was arrested on an outstanding warrant stemming from a separate incident last year where she entered a Cleveland home, did some light cleaning and left a bill for $75. Cheaper than Merry Maids.

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