April 25, 2024

Can I Trust My Husband?

Dear Frankly,

I’ve been married for two years to a man I dated for five years. He recently quit his job and decided to buy and sell investment property. He has asked me to hand over my inherited savings and my daughter’s education fund for his speculations so he can “make some serious money.” He’s never helped with the bills, and apparently doesn’t intend to. He drives a car I bought him and lives in my house. He doesn’t even take out the garbage! Can I trust him?

Doubting Doris

Dear Doubting,

I can’t believe you didn’t figure out what a deadbeat he was when you were dating. Judging by the way he has conned you, he just may be good at taking other people’s money. Maybe you should charge him room and board and rent him the car.

Dear Frankly,

I really need some advice. I found a letter to my husband from a woman on my bedroom floor. It was filled with innuendo, and a crudely worded sexual proposition. I asked my husband about it and he blew me off. He said it was nothing. So, I called the number in the note and asked the woman what this was about. She said they were just friends and she shouldn’t have given him that note. I don’t believe either one of them. What should I do?

Untrusting Uma

Dear Untrusting,

If there was nothing to the note, the woman wouldn’t have written it and your husband wouldn’t have kept it. Since you called her, they both know you’re on to them. It might be time for a private detective and a good divorce lawyer. Or not.

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