April 21, 2024

Deck the Decking with Beer Can Bottoms

Excentric World takes a big picture look at the joy of celebrating the holidays with elaborate decorations as seen from the eye of a beer lover. Everywhere, Christmas is a special time–a remembrance of the nativity and the reason behind the giving of gifts, a gathering of family, friends and neighbors wishing each other good tidings. This is a time for wassailing and spiked eggnog. But, for the children, it is a time for sugar plum fairies dancing in their heads in anticipation of the big night when Santa arrives with the special gifts they have written about. These gifts are the reason some children restrain themselves and behave nicely rather than naughtily, for fear they would be denied. While some older children, those in high school for more than five years, may no longer believe in Santa, one family has taken it upon themselves to prove that Santa does exist, just in a more modern form, what with the Internet and all. God help us, everyone.

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