April 25, 2024

Up with Dogs

She’s given up on husbands, and
She’s taken up with dogs.
“Dogs shed,” she said, “and host some fleas,
And, sometimes, eat my clogs,

“But, all of life’s a trade-off, and
In weighing tit for tat,
It’s clear to me that husbands lose!
That dogs are where its at!

“Dogs never stop me asking for
Directions when I’m lost,
Or, when I have a headache, pout,
Like they’ve been double-crossed;

“Dogs never raise their eyebrows when
My Visa bills come in,
Or, go into a tizzy, like
It’s some kind of a sin

When Brian, my old boyfriend, calls
Who’s now a movie star!
And whisks me off to Switzerland
To dine on caviar!”

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