April 16, 2024

Scope This

I’ve found a brand new restaurant that’s
A perfect place to dine.
It opens up at 6 a.m.
And doesn’t close till nine.

It’s thrifty, bright and squeaky-clean;
It’s customers are smart;
It’s food is fresh, eclectic, and
It’s walls are hung with art.

There’s salad bars and deli bars,
And pasta bars, and sauce;
There’s taco bars and chocolate bars,
And, at the end, there’s floss.

You choose and weigh and pay by ounce,
So, careful what you take.
And if you wear a stethoscope,
You get a special break.

You’re right! It’s true! I’m eating at
The hospital each day:
The “Sanitize Your Hands and Please
Wear Plastic Gloves Cafe.”

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