November 29, 2023

Bogus Automobile Insurance Claims

Excentric World looks at some ways Americans are trying to collect on bogus automobile insurance claims to get out from under tough lease agreements. This driver had been following the portable potty carrier after spotting him from her business parking lot. She had known about the overpass and figured one or both of the potties would come tumbling down on her BMW convertible, damaging the hood and engine so severely that it would make her lease contract null and void.

The photographer was laughing so hard, the follow-up shot was missed and he split after police arrived to avoid the perception of complicity. Unfortunately, for the rag top driver, the portable potty carrier was just picking up after an overnight event, not delivering, as she had suspected. Suffice it to say, she and her little Beamer were in deep doo-doo when the authorities arrived. Like the CEOs from the big three American automobile makers, she said she just didn’t see it coming.


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