April 25, 2024


I love to lie upon the ground
And watch the night-time sky,
And pick out constellations that
I make up, on the sly.

The big one there with all the stars?
The one that’s flaming hot?
That’s Hillary’s Ambition, and
The easiest to spot!

There’s Michael Moore’s Agenda, and
The Pope with Foot in Mouth;
There’s Edwards’ Hair, Pelosi’s Glare,
And, John McCain Gone South.

There’s Cheney’s Ego, rising, and
Obama, Raising Dough,
Mitt Romney’s Chances, setting, and
There’s Rumsfeld, Eating Crow.

And, look! The one that grew so bright?
So certain? Without doubt?
George Bush’s So Called Legacy!
(It dimmed, and then went out.)

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