April 17, 2024

The Garden of Edam

I’ve always been a person who
Could conjure up the bucks;
At eight years-old I biked the park
And raffled off the ducks!

My latest scam requires a move
To Nazareth, P.A.
To launch my Christian cheese shop and
To profit from the fray.

“The Garden of Edam” is its name,
With sculpted cheese on-line:
There’s “Adam and Eve in Provolone”
And “Noah’s Curds in Brine.”

There’s “Matthew in Sharp Cheddar” and
There’s “Mark in Tasty Brie,”
There’s “Luke in Mozzarella” and
There’s “John In New Fat-Free.”

You’ll find “The Ten Commandments in
Velveeta” for your mom,
Available at Cheeses (gasp!) 

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