October 2, 2022


There are so many kids here, all looking hale and hearty,
And in a moment of weakness, I thought I’d throw them a party.
Okay, got to think of the problems.

Would the fuzz come cruising by, maybe, to complain about the noise?
Would all the girls be holding hands, or worse, with all the boys?
I rather hope so, because a certain amount of Gallic frivolity
Always adds a little something to the evening’s jollity.

Rolling around in the hay is a pleasure that comes to mind –
Boys and girls having the fun that’s so very easy to find.
Not only the kids, of course, a lot of the guys will be older,
And it’s great to watch them too–all getting bolder and bolder.

As they learn that the secret and even clandestine kiss
Is too good a blessing to even miss!
And sex, of course, is raising its ugly head
With the urgent, expectant cry: “Go find me a bed!”

Can we mention souls as ever sensitive parts
When we’re really not talking so blithely just about hearts?
Well, of course we can, can’t we?

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