November 29, 2023

Accounts of Diminutive Intelligent Beings

Q: Since Ufology’s earliest days, and going even further back in history, accounts of diminutive intelligent beings have played a crucial role in shaping our perception of the phenomenon. The sizes of these creatures range from a scant twelve inches to a not-so-small four feet in height. The European tradition’s brownies, pixies, gnomes and dwarves have their equivalents in the Mexican ikhals, chaneques and aluches. Are these physical anomalies created by aliens? What else could they be?

A: Wee people have been around since the beginning of time. I don’t think being short makes you anything but short. Are tall basketball players of alien creation? Now, politicians of all sizes–that’s a different story.


Q: Throughout the ages, man has been impressed by intimations of presences manifesting themselves through chosen channels: shamans, mediums, clairvoyants. The earliest descriptions are found in Chinese literature dating back 4,000 years. Mediums were called wu at the time and were often consulted by emperors. These mediums claimed to transmit advice given by spirits of the deceased. The phenomenon may also present itself when people come together with a common objective. A presence may manifest itself in such a strong manner that it is not recognized as being part of the participants. Has this ever happened to anyone you know?

A: Yes. A friend of mine could channel the guy next door. He always demanded beer, belched and told us sports scores. He called his channel Bud.


Q: I understand there are cases of people who claim that docile spirits possess them or work through them in astonishing ways. They don’t speak in some long, lost Druid tongue or make chests of drawers levitate, but have more creative, artistic things in mind, such as books and pieces of classical music. Do you know any “ghost writers”?

A: You have got to be kidding. Ghost writers always remain anonymous.


Q: I have a friend who claims his art is born from psychic influences. Colorful and contemporary, his work is difficult to define. A simple definition of psychic art is an artistic rendering that is produced when spiritual energy influences an individual, with or without their conscious knowledge. Are there any psychic artists in Sedona?

A: To me, most art looks like an outside influence had to be involved.


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