April 25, 2024

Don’t Disturb the Hidden People

Q: I read about a woman, an elf seer, in Boston, Erla Stefansdottir, who named elves, gnomes, dwarves, angels, light fairies, and “the hidden people” as all belonging to classes of what she called elfin beings. Any of the above named entities, Ms. Stefansdottir said, “can get quite upset if we ruin their houses or go against their wishes and we have to face the consequences. They can put a spell on us.” Do you believe “hidden people” exist under the earth and place spells on those who disturb their dwellings?

A: I know little people with some pretty serious anger issues. I only hope that these “hidden people” live near my home where a developer is about to build a subdivision.


Q: Strange spirits have scared the life out of some shipyard workers recently, prompting top brass to call in ghost busting experts. A specialist in paranormal research and the shipyard’s chaplain were brought in to exorcise the spirit and things that go bump in the night from the Pipe Shop on Ferry Road. Machinery moving by itself, eerie shadows and an unexplained presence have been witnessed by a number of workers. Rumors are the spirit may be the ghost of a former employee who committed suicide some years ago. Do you believe these macho men are afraid of a ghost?

A: Of course. I find it more interesting that the chaplain is exorcising the Pipe Shop. Perhaps too many visits to the Pipe Shop by the shipyard workers are behind the sightings.


Q: I heard that there is an abundance of evidence that not only proves the existence of UFOs, but that the government has been hiding classified documents for decades. Robert Hastings, an independent UFO researcher, claims to have first spotted UFOs at Malstrom Air Force Base in 1967. Hastings mentioned an organization called NICAP that helps to distribute information about UFOs with the help of the Freedom of Information Act. Have UFOs been spotted in or near Sedona recently?

A: Not since the 1960s, begging the theory that extraterrestrials must all be Kennedy Democrats and are in search of a more tolerant planet.


Q: Are you licensed or certified to answer serious paranormal questions?

A: I am not licensed yet, but I am certifiable.


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