September 21, 2023

Christmas Ghosts

Q: The first Christmas I spent with my husband’s family was at his oldest brother’s house. When we got there, they (my husband’s family) told me that the house was haunted. I didn’t mind because I’ve been in haunted houses before. They told me to be careful walking down the stairs because the ghosts pushed people down the stairs. I was coming down stairs to to peek at my gifts when, all of a sudden, I felt someone push my feet out from under me. I ended up falling down the first four stairs. I was slightly bruised, but okay. Why wouldn’t the ghost let me in the basement?

A: Sounds like the basement Christmas ghost didn’t want you to know where the gifts were hidden.

Q: One Christmas Eve night, at about 3am in Klammath Falls, Oregon, I was suddenly awakened by a choir singing. The house was new construction, miles from the nearest church. I strained to hear any words that I could understand or a tune that I could identify, but I could not understand the language or tune. The television and radio were off. Did I perhaps hear the herald angels sing?

A: Perhaps. But it was more likely a band of local, lost, reveling wassailers.

Q: I read where scientific instruments on India’s first unmanned lunar mission, Chandrayaan-1, picked up signatures of organic matter on parts of the Moon’s surface. Interestingly, similar observations were made by the US’s first manned moon landing mission, the Apollo-11, in July 1969, which brought lunar soil samples back to Earth. But due to a lack of sophisticated equipment then, the scientists could not confirm the finding. However, traces of amino acids, which are basic to life, were found in the soil retrieved by the Apollo-11 astronauts. Does these findings indicate the formation of life or decay of a once-living matter on the moon?

A: Could be. After all, some believe there was once intelligent life on Earth.

Q: Fears about the economy fluctuation and financial security is driving many of the people towards Tarot and psychic readings. The fact is that there are number of people who have been using Tarot reading and psychic advice to provide a steady platform to their business and help it boom even in these difficult economic times. Is Sedona business booming from those seeking advice from local mediums?

A: Other mediums predicted Sedona psychics would have a slow year.


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