April 17, 2024

Has the Age of Chaos Begun?

Q: I have been reading about the odd coincidence of hurricanes Katrina and Rita striking so soon near the same place. Then came the Guatemalan mudslide and the earthquake in Pakistan, all on the heels of the Bam earthquake and the tsunami in Southeast Asia. While skeptics see these natural disasters as unrelated, others say they are just the beginning of a chain of events leading to the world’s end. Has the Age of Chaos begun?

A: I’m not quite sure what the Age of Chaos is supposed to mean. I’m sitting on land that was once ocean. This isn’t even the worst hurricane season on record. And what happened before we started keeping records? I think we have a communication problem. Messages made more sense when they were on rocks and in caves. There’s too much information.


Q: At the 5th Annual Texas Bigfoot Conference in Jefferson, Texas, October 15-16, 2005, and the Bates College Cryptozoology Symposium in Lewiston, Maine, October 28-29, 2005, Loren Coleman unveiled the details of a $1 million bounty to encourage the public to assist in the safe capture of a Bigfoot, Yeti, Lake Monster, Sea Serpent, or other cryptozoological specimen. Do you think offering a bounty is a good idea?

A: You bet. I have a cousin who resembles Sasquatch. I’d turn him in for $5.


Q: Jonathan Reed was hiking with his golden retriever in a forest in Seattle, when his pet was suddenly torn apart by a “gray,” an alien being with an elongated head, smelling of rotting fruit. Reed, a former child-developmental psychologist, says he took the alien home and lived with it for nine days in which it communicated via telepathy. Reed says he was shot after his alien encounter and blames a “government faction which doesn’t want this information out.” Do you believe this close encounter happened?

A: When someone claims an alien smelled like rotting fruit I am skeptical because they never say what kind of fruit. It’s like apples and oranges.


Q: Olive Taylor first noticed an odor outside her Washington, D.C. home. The smell had turned into a stench so bad that it woke her up. “It wasn’t really a gas smell. My son said it was propane, but a neighbor said it didn’t smell like propane. It was in fact giving me a headache.” What could it be?

A: Sounds like national politics as usual to me.


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