April 17, 2024

JFK’s Ghost & More . . .

Q:  I read an article that claims humans have reached their analytical peak and won’t get any smarter. I look around me and have concluded that indeed people seem to be getting dumb and dumber. It’s like they have reverted back to time when humans were consumed with basic desires like food and drink and lusted for spending their free time betting on gladiator battles. Could it be humans are doomed to a future of grunt work followed by weekend warrior banality?

A: Wow–most of what you said went way over my head.

Q: The definition of UFO is Unidentified Flying Object. Recently a report in Denver, Colorado showed video footage of an object appearing multiple times over the Denver skies that could not be identified, as bird, plane, balloon or helicopter. By definition, this would be classified as a UFO sighting. Wouldn’t you agree?

A: I suppose so. There used to be claims of such sightings over Sedona for years. It would seem the UFO pilots moved on looking for marijuana.

Q: A friend of mine from Kentucky told me about working in a retail store in the 1990s and seeing former President John F. Kennedy come into the store. He had aged naturally and wore plain clothes. Too dumbfounded to say anything, he and the store manager just stared in disbelief. Then, they noticed the large scar on the left side of his head, as if part of the skull had been reattached or something. I ran after the President after he left, but he had vanished. We agreed to keep quiet, but now I am wondering why he chose me. Why did his spirit contact me?

A: Who knows? Maybe he was lost and needed to buy a map for directions how to get out of Kentucky, a state he lost by over 7%.

Q: I hear a story about a guy from India who was visited by a young woman in a wedding gown at night. She sat at the end of his bed talking about being unhappy. She only visited for five nights, then disappeared. Years later, he came across a  beautiful girl who has a broken marriage, as she was not happy with her married life. She was seeking a divorce. Could there be any connection between these two girls? Could he have seen such a girl years before he actually met her?

A: Young men often have dreams of visits from beautiful women. It’s like fantasizing about Charlize Theron and seeing her one day in real life.


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