February 25, 2024

The Ghost of a Passed Girlfriend

Q: My wife woke up early one night to find me asleep on my back and the ghost of a woman lying next to me, on my right arm and with her head resting on my chest, watching her with with a blank face. My wife tried waking me up again, and when I did the woman was gone, but I did have a strange feeling in my right arm. I tried to be brave and told her it must’ve been a dream, but in reality I couldn’t. I was frightened. Could this have been a passed girlfriend from my past?

A: Try sleeping on your stomach. If your wife finds the ghost on your back, spanking you, then you have something to be frightened about.


Q: I have been told a story about a legendary Mexican creature known as La Luchesa. It’s similar to Native American creatures called Skinwalkers. They are supposed to be witches who disguise themselves as owl-looking creatures. A friend told me of a time he drove along a border town road in Mexico and was chased by such a creature. Have you heard of the legend?

A: My guess is your friend told you of Coronas–the Mexican witches’ brew.


Q: My father was hunting with his brothers in Idaho when they spooked a herd of elk. After chasing them, he sat down to rest and felt a rock zip by his head. Thinking it was one of his brothers, he yelled at them to stop. That’s when he noticed tiny footprints in the dust under his feet. Another rock was thrown in his direction, closer this time. My dad had been told about the little people who lived in the mountains, an ancient band of Native Americans who escaped from the white man. Feeling a chill creep up his spine, he slowly rose, gathered his things and said in Shoshone, “I am leaving. I’m sorry I disturbed you.” Walking away downhill he heard small feet slapping the rocks behind him but being a tad afraid, he never looked back. Could there be a band of nomadic Natives living in the hills of Idaho?

A: I guess. Either that or elk have finally learned to toss rocks at hunters.


Q: I heard a story about a ghost in a pub in England where a voice is known to giggle every evening around closing time. It supposedly comes from the basement where the liquor is stored. It’s cold, damp and dark down there and nobody goes there except to replace empty bottles of liquor. Paranormal investigators say there is definitely a spirit living there, but that the entity seems happy and harmless. Any thoughts?

A: A spirit in a spirit room who seems happy. Who’d a thought?


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