March 21, 2023

210 Cases of Frogs Found Inside Stones

Q: There are more than 210 cases of frogs or toads found inside stones, lumps of coal, or within the trunks of large trees from Europe, the United States, Canada, Africa, New Zealand and the West Indies. The earliest are from the late 15th century, the latest occurred in Australia and New Zealand in the early 1980s. On more than one occasion, the toads were seen by several independent witnesses. What do you think kept them alive?

A: I’d have to guess that it was the hope that one day a beautiful Princess would come along and kiss them.


Q: According to psychologists, Time Travel (Retrocognition) occurs when a person somehow “travels” to the past. A retrocognitive time traveler does not roam through history, selecting interesting historical figures to meet. Rather, a real time traveler to the past simply peers into a past time as an observer. Most times, the person does not even see events that were historically important, but peeks back at places or experiences of no particular significance. Have you ever experienced a retrocognitive time travel?

A: Yes, but it was of no particular significance.


Q: The Jicarilla Apache reservation and the Archuleta Mesa in northwestern New Mexico was made famous in the 1980s and ’90s as the location of a number of strange events, including sightings of UFOs and cattle mutilations. The strangeness of these events was assigned to an evil alien race, but may have been much closer to home, with organizations that would much rather that the public laughed at stories of UFOs. Could the government be covering up secret underground experiments they are conducting?

A: Sure. The government can cover up anything it desires. But mutilating cows? They’re so cute. I could understand mutilating chickens. Got eggs?


Q: A man who died from extreme dehydration after an outback purification ritual was not given immediate medical help because fellow campers believed he was astral traveling. The man, 37, died a day after being dragged unconscious from a heated tent, called a sweat lodge, as part of a native American ritual. He was camping on an isolated property in Australia, undergoing an eight day ritual of fasting, meditation and purification. Didn’t you experience a similar sweatlodge tragedy in Sedona?

A: Yeah, but unlike the two incidents you mention, most Sedona sweats include designer water with limited travel.


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