November 29, 2023

Party Pooping Remedy

Dear Frankly,

I’m the kind of person who likes big gatherings of friends and family over the holidays. My husband of four years, who is Jewish, is an only child and never celebrated Thanksgiving and certainly had no Christmas Eve feast. He begrudgingly participates when everyone crowds the house, but disappears to the basement and the television while lively conversation takes place elsewhere. Should I just let him be or push him to join in?

People Person Pam

Dear People,

Let him be. The holiday cheer will be over soon enough, but your husband will hopefully still be around. I used to make sure I had plenty of spiked eggnog around for my party-pooping fifth husband. Things were great after company was gone and he sobered up.

Dear Frankly,

I have found myself in a sort of Cinderella situation without the glass slippers or handsome prince. I am the stepchild of a widow with two birth daughters. We all live at home. I am 16, the same age as one of the girls, the other being 14. I do most of the chores and get most of the flack around here. I have thought of running away, but don’t know where to go. I think my dad left me some insurance money, but I’ll never see it.

Stumped Stepchild

Dear Stumped,

While it all may seem hopeless right now, better days are surely ahead. In the meantime, find a way to pit them against one another. Once they start distrusting each other, they will turn to you for support. Roleplaying like this is how many actors got their start. Have fun, dear.


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