November 29, 2023

Bilocation or Hallucination?

Q: I consider myself an educated, mature, ordinary person, but I have no explanation for what happened to me recently. One Sunday afternoon, I looked out of our living room window to observe my husband turning the water sprinkler on for the front yard, I turned and he was gone. I thought he had been at church, so I called his cell phone to see if he had come home early, changed clothes and gone out front without telling me. He answered from the church. How can this be?

A: I had a friend with a similar experience. His wife thought he was at work, while he really was in a hotel room with another woman.


Q: I am a true believer of life after death. I had a friend who used to cuss like a sailor. One night we were to get together and I made up some lame excuse not to meet. She went to a bar instead and died in an auto accident on the way home. I blamed myself and was depressed until I got a call from beyond cussing me out and telling me to get over it. Could my friend have realized my depression and contacted me?

A: Could be. If it was just a prank, they have sure come a long way from asking if you have Prince Albert in a can or if your refrigerator is running.


Q: My parents were vacationing in Mexico one summer to celebrate their anniversary when the car they were driving was approached by a hairy, four legged animal with a huge tongue. They swerved around it and sped to their hotel room. The maitre de told them it was a Chupacabra. He said it drains the blood from large animals and leaves their carcasses. They cut their holiday short and came home post haste. Could they have witnessed some blood sucking monster?

A: Anything’s possible. Since everyone is told not to drink the water in Mexico, many people replace it with tequila. I recall a Cuervo Gold night when I swore my date looked like a blurry Komodo Dragon on steroids.


Q: A friend told me that she has caught several tiny elves on top of the table stealing, searching and eating foods that had been left from the day before. The creepy part of the story is that she claims that they are old and hairy, with long beards, looking poor and dirty. They wore old clothes that had ripped parts that had been sewn with patches. Were these guys gnomes?

A: Contact Travelocity immediately. I heard they were missing some gnomes matching that description. There might even be a reward for the little guys.


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