April 25, 2024

Kelsey Grammer Speaks to the Dead

Q: I read where Kelsey Grammer speaks to the dead, including a 2,000 year old ghost called Alex, who teaches him about good and evil. The Frasier star has lost a number of family members to tragic and violent deaths, something he claims has strengthened his belief in an afterlife. His father was murdered by a gunman when he was 13, his sister was just 18 when she was robbed, raped and stabbed to death eight years later, and five years after that, his two half brothers were eaten by sharks. Grammer says: “I have communicated with many entities of late, some that I’ve known in the past.” Do you think he is communicating with the dead or imagining things?

A: Who knows? Each person lives within their own reality. I do believe, however, that if his father was gunned down at 13, he was far too young to be a father.


Q: The Sumerians not only figured out geology, how to obtain the ore, knew the levels of heat needed and how to build kilns to achieve it, they also took very different metals and created the first alloy, bronze. As metal smiths were performing these feats, other citizens were apparently creating the wheel, building cities, ziggurats, inventing writing, movable type, the ox drawn plow, cereal crop agriculture, and advanced mathematics, to mention the most notable of their innovations. Can you explain the fact this mysterious culture managed to invent all of the core components of civilization in the rigors of a hostile desert environment?

A: Haven’t a clue. Weren’t they also the ones who invented WD40? I understand the Egyptians borrowed some of it to help build the Great Pyramid.


Q: Robert A. Baker, 84, a University of Kentucky psychology professor emeritus and a leading “ghost buster” who worked on the premise stated that “There are no haunted places, only haunted people,” died Aug. 8 at his home in Lexington. He had congestive heart failure. Do you agree with Dr. Baker that ghost sightings could be explained as mental states, that abductions by aliens were hallucinations or could ghosts and aliens be real?

A: “Ghost Busters” was one cool movie. Sigourney Weaver has great legs.


Q: Do you know about the psychic whose crystal ball burned in a freak fire?

A: Wow! You’d think they would have seen it coming.


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