April 17, 2024

Time Travel Easier with Peyote

Q: I am interested in time travel. I have yet to experience going forward or back in time personally, but I have read the late Carlos Castaneda wrote that the sorcerer Don Juan Matus believed in the existence of an area best described as a “crevasse between realities” in which the material world imperceptibly gives way to the spirit world and other dimensions. Do you know any time travelers?

A: I overheard a guy at a diner telling someone that he had been missing a couple of days. I usually attribute that to alcohol blackouts. Remember, the people in Castaneda’s books were doing peyote on a regular basis.


Q: The U.S. military in recent history is said to have experimented with creating invisibility by bending light through electromagnetic means, and may have been one of the goals of the legendary “Philadelphia Experiment.” Do you think the military is this technologically advanced?

A: Nope. Too many people around they would like to make invisible.


Q: According to “alien expert,” Andy Reiss, almost a billion aliens live on the planets that were discovered, even though astronomers say the planets circle too close to stars to be viable habitats for life. Could there be aliens on these planets?

A: They came here from somewhere. If I were from another planet and I observed the way humans have treated Earth, I wouldn’t give them my home address either.


Q: I heard the Jerome Grand Hotel is haunted. I love staying in places that have uninvited ethereal guests. Do you know if this is true and if I should stay in a particular room? Are there times when the spirits are more active than others? Should I bring a camera?

A: I recommend the restaurant at the Jerome Grand Hotel, The Asylum. Their food is hauntingly delicious. As far as the spirit world issues, I understand the hotel ghosts haunt people who ask a lot of questions. Lucky you!



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