April 17, 2024

L-o-l-a Lola

Q: My son has found an imaginary friend. He calls her Lola. I think he got the name off a cartoon show. It seems she advises him on matters he chooses not to discuss with us. So far, I haven’t seen any negative affects on his social behavior or his relationships with other people. He talks with Lola when he thinks no one else is around, but I have observed him more than a few times in lengthy conversation. Should I interfere or leave him be?

A: I’d normally say leave him be, but the accompanying picture you sent shows a man in his thirties or forties. This just isn’t right.


Q: The hunt for extra terrestrial life should include what experts have named “weird life” organisms which consist of something other than DNA–according to a committee of US scientists. This “weird life” is thought to exist on many moons and planets. The scientists went on to claim that some weird life may also exist here on earth, and have urged people to “go exploring with our eyes wide open.” Do you believe that extra terrestrial beings exist, or are they a science fiction fantasy?

A: Yes, but “weird life” also covers a lot of people I know.


Q: Witchcraft is a recognized profession in Romania where white witches offer spells, potions and readings of the future. One of the country’s most famous witches, Witch Rodica, calls herself the “incontestable and undisputed leader of the Romanian witches” and claims she can cure impotence, epilepsy and alcoholism. Do you believe it is possible to cure these ailments with witchcraft?

A: I’m not sure about the epilepsy and the alcoholism, but I know from personal experience that witches can cause impotence, so it would stand to reason that they can also cure it.


Q: By 1979, the FBI reported 8,000 alien cattle and horse mutilations. A state governor claimed that cattle mutilation was “one of the greatest outrages in the history of the Western cattle industry.” Many of the mutilations were reported near former US nuclear test sites. These mutilations were widely blamed on extraterrestrials using the cattle for experiments to help them adapt to the Earth’s environment, or using cattle to develop a food based biological weapon for the invasion of Earth. Any thoughts?

A: Yeah, but none that have to do with cows or horses.


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