June 1, 2023

Wedding Behavior Pickle

Dear Frankly,

I recently attended my boyfriend’s sister’s wedding. I had met his family only once before. I had too much to drink at the reception and I know his parents noticed my behavior. My boyfriend said I was really pickled and had to take me home early. Should I mention this obvious mistake and apologize for it in a thank you note to his parents? On the other hand, will that remind them of my behavior?

Flustered Franny

Dear Flustered,

That’s funny. Usually, it’s the best man that gets blotto and makes an ass of himself. Do you think he ever apologizes? I doubt that he ever sends a thank you note. The next time you see your boyfriend’s parents tell them that you shouldn’t have mixed alcohol with your antidepressants and laugh.

Dear Frankly,

My husband and I married after an extremely brief courtship and I became pregnant the first week we were married. He was the most loving, gentle man ever. Not two years into the marriage and now he has gone through all my letters and photos and come up with some wild accusations. He decided I must cut off contact with my friends, my brother, my uncle, and even wants me to get rid of my dog. What should I do?

Scared Sarah

Dear Scared,

I had a similar experience with my fourth husband, except for the baby part. I bought us a vacation and returned home early due to a fabricated family thing. I cleaned out our bank account, moved myself and our furniture and changed my name. Nobody threatens my dog.


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