April 17, 2024

Hauntings in Tucson, Arizona

Q: I recently read about hauntings in Tucson, Arizona–stories about poltergeists at a theater and a couple of hospitals. I knew that Tucson was the astronomy center of the world, home to a premier research institution, the University of Arizona, and a tourism destination, but I had no idea that it boasted a reputation for the paranormal, as well. Isn’t Sedona supposed to be the phantasmal capital of Arizona?

A: Well, like the vortexes, perhaps the ghosts have also left.


Q: I heard that five footprints, believed to be traces left by the legendary “Shennongjia Wildman,” have been found in part of Southwest China’s Chongqing Municipality. A few years ago, Chinese investigators discovered a series of irregular footprints, averaging one meter apart, along a Shennongjia riverbank in the shrubbery beside the footprints which were both identified belonging to left feet. Could these be the Chinese version of Bigfoot?

A: I found it odd that they had two left feet. Must be really bad dancers.


Q: I read about a wacky Hitler story from the British author Graeme Donald who said that, while researching a military book, he stumbled across a story that Hitler and Heinrich Himmler were so worried about German soldiers’ getting sexual diseases from French hookers that they cooked up a plan for soldiers to carry small blow-up blond, blue-eyed dolls called “gynoids” in their backpacks to use as sex “comforters.” Donald said Himmler ordered 50 dolls but the soldiers were too embarrassed to carry them. I know Hitler was nuts (he supposedly believed dogs could talk), but ordering the manufacturing of blow-up dolls?

A: I heard someone in my neighborhood had a blow-up doll. I thought it odd that his wife bought it for him as a Christmas present.


Q: A friend of mine told me a massive crop circle has turned up in a wheat field right next to the historic Stonehenge. Speculation continues as to who is responsible, some believe the circle is man-made while others favor the idea that it was formed naturally either via magnetic fields or some other force we don’t yet understand. The circle is only one of many to have appeared in Wiltshire recently. Do you think crop circles are man made?

A: They are messages placed on earth by aliens who want humans to stop trashing their own planet, just in case they decide to move here, again.


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