April 25, 2024

4-D Printers

by Doug Rabbit Sutherland

‘Ol Bernie Madoff would be proud!
He really would!  It’s true!
Because I’ve hatched a jail-proof scheme
Who’s time is clearly due!

We charlatans of noble stripe
Have one stone in our sling:
To stay one step ahead of folks
Obsessed with “The Next Thing!”

Now, 3-D printers, as you know,
Have galvanized the world.
So, what would be the next big thing
That begs to be unfurled?

Why, 4- printers!  Clear as day!
And, I have them in stock!
And, for a measly hundred grand
You’ll be first on your block

To copy things that don’t exist,
Defying evolution!
And, I’ll grow rich and famous while
Immune from prosecution!

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