April 25, 2024

Spirits of Deceased Junkies Haunted the House

Q: I read a story about a man from Pennsylvania whose daughter was attacked by a ghost. Police told him that five people had overdosed in the same building in her bedroom some years back before the house was renovated and he and his family moved in. Could it be one or more spirits from the deceased junkies that attacked the girl and haunted the house?

A: One way to find out if the attacks were from junkie spirits is to see if the specters forget to say “Boo!” and fall asleep in the middle of a haunting.


Q: A few weeks ago I was asleep and suddenly (perhaps in the middle of a dream) I felt a person jump heavily on my back and grab me around the neck and throat and I couldn’t move. Whatever it was had put the cold plastic of a phone up to my ear and I heard a woman’s voice on the other end say, “My name is Marianne! My name is Marianne! My name is Marianne! I hate you!” A couple days later I heard about a tragedy that occurred at the hospital where I work. A receptionist had committed suicide over the weekend. It was a woman I had an argument with several weeks before while I asked her to clear out her offices to I could do the rugs in there. Her name was Marianne. Could she have contacted me after her suicide from beyond?

A: Who knows? Maybe she called you before she took her life. I wouldn’t feel guilty if I were you. Rarely does one commit suicide over a rug stain.


Q: In Detroit, Michigan in 1938, I was in the third grade when I and another boy were looking through a glass window into the classroom. Standing on the desk was a small humanoid creature. It was about a foot tall and had slick, Kelly green skin. As the teacher unlocked the door, we saw the little critter jump to an open window, run across the grass and go behind a tree. What could we have witnessed?

A: It was probably the elusive grandfather of the Travelosity Gnome looking for an apple on your teacher’s desk and dashing off to relieve himself.


Q: What do you know about a meteor striking Earth? An asteroid recently passed through Earth’s orbit within a few hundred thousand miles. Is the end of the world coming soon as predicted by many?

A: Sure, Earth is facing serious issues, like global warming, super volcanoes, pole shifting and meteor strikes. It’s a good time to be a cockroach.


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